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    I would like to get appealed

    Unbanned. However next time it will be perm.
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    Screen Captures Needed!

    Hey all! As you may have noticed the Globals have been busy revamping our Website and Social Media. This is being done so we can attract new members to our fantastic community. Part of this push is showing new players what we are about, and the type of things they can expect on our servers...
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    Will it let me tab you in Discord

    @smp Stop hacking
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    This is a Test of Discord Intr.

    I am the greatest, truly. I have meet a lot of great people, tremendous people, and they all say I am the greatest.
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    ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - January 17, 2021

    Hello ChoiceCrafters! Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week! [1] Migration Updates [a] We are now 100% migrated to the new North American server! [2] Network Updates [a] Started Voting Reward Revamp project Standardize on Auto Broadcast format...
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    How to appeal your ban...

    Your Ingame Name: Who Banned you (if Known): Why you where banned: Why you should be unbanned:
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    Old screenshots

    So I didnt see it before, but you have a screen shot of Sam as Mod, that lasted for like a week. That is rare
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    Old screenshots

    Dude you are burning the Arizona Flag as well....
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    Ill throw this guy in here!

    Execute Order 66 @Sniper9621