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  1. s4ndal

    Update MCL September Update

    Hello Minecrafters! We appreciate everyone's patience the past couple months. Advertising costs have skyrocketed and the team had some feelings of discouragement after failing to land a spot two months in a row. However, we were able to attack it once more and we were able to lock in a...
  2. s4ndal

    Update Ultimate SkyBlock Server

  3. s4ndal

    Update Ultimate SkyBlock Server

    Please have Jedilucky12 do /is create on /uskyblock. That way we can get your island moved over. Let us know once you've done that.
  4. s4ndal

    Update Ultimate SkyBlock Server

    Please create an island on /uskyblock so we can transfer your island. Thank you!!
  5. s4ndal

    Update Ultimate SkyBlock Server

    Hello SkyBlockers! We've got some exciting news to share about a new SkyBlock server that we are calling, Ultimate SkyBlock! Here are some of the differences that you can expect! New SkyBlock Core! We are moving away from our old SkyBlock plugin due to a lack of features, and due to bugs...
  6. s4ndal

    Resolved CeeBonEee Ban Appeal

    Hey CeeBonEee, I was wondering if we would see you again. We'll happily welcome you back Unbanned
  7. s4ndal

    Factions Nether Update

    Hi Reaper, We do not have 1.16 implemented yet. We are eager and excited to get updated, however, we have to wait for all the plugins we use to be updated to support the new 1.16 blocks, items, and features. We are actively checking on the plugins so that once they are all ready we can get to...
  8. s4ndal

    Skyblock Suggestion: Different Generator-icons in /shop and /generator

    Hi Danielsen, Thanks for the suggestion! I have tried to correct this, however the generator plugin doesn't support custom icons yet. I will plan to request the feature with the developer.
  9. s4ndal

    Update June 18th SkyBlock Update

    Hello SkyBlockers! I felt it might be a good time to provide you folks an update on the happenings of the server. While I have not provided updates as often as I should, we have been working to add new features and ways to play the game. New Shops We have introduced a number of shops since...
  10. s4ndal

    Resolved Flearon Ban Appeal [Approved by Admin]

    Flearon is not allowed to join forums online. I have spoken to him personally and he regrets his terrible decision to use the XRay client. He has promised to not cheat going forward.
  11. s4ndal

    Resolved Ban Appeal [Approved by S4ndal]

    We are going to go ahead and unban you, but please do not break the rules again.
  12. s4ndal

    SkyBlock Updates

    Update 5.26.2020 The Cloud Mall is now open for business! With the influx of players we expect in the near future, it might be of value to prepare your very own store front!
  13. s4ndal

    SkyBlock Updates

    Hello SkyBlockers, We have some exciting news to share about some of the changes we have implemented the past week! Server Shop The new and improved Server Shop has been implemented. We have moved away from our old school Sign Shop to NPC shops that reflect the /shop. We are currently working...
  14. s4ndal

    Factions Old screenshots

    Thanks for sharing the memories of the old Spinning Pig server!! Love it!