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  1. Murdox_Mobius

    The new "META" of factions

    The over all idea is to move factions away from SMP and closer to vanilla/anarchy. If you play for base building and economics I might recommend our SMP server. Frankly 1.16 is incredibly easy. As an example within a day most players on that Factions server had Netherrite armor. Additionally...
  2. Murdox_Mobius

    1.8 Factions Server Commands and Information

    Worlds Overworld - This is the persistent world you can build in. We do not reset this map. This is where you start in Spawn. The map has a radius of 5K (Meaning it is 10K by 10K) Nether - The nether can be reached by player made nether portals. It resets weekly, and you can not claim here The...
  3. Murdox_Mobius

    1.8 Factions Factions Commands/Settings

    Here is the overview for the Factions Plugin. Please refer to this before you start messaging me. Factions Overview - You claim chunks (16x16 bedrock to sky) based on power - Your claims are more or less safe from greifing assuming your power is greater than or equal to the amount of chuncks...
  4. Murdox_Mobius

    1.8 Factions Economy and Trading

    Here is a quick Reference guide to how the Economy and Trading works on Factions... Getting Money: - The main way to get money is to mine or salvage gold and sell it to the baker NPC at spawn. This can be done by clicking on the NPC, and selecting what form of gold you are selling. -...
  5. Murdox_Mobius

    1.8 Factions General Information

    Here is a general run down of how the Choicecraft Factions server works: Version The Server is running Minecraft 1.8.10. The reasoning behind this is that Minecraft in general has gotten too easy, plus the PVP update of 1.9 broke a lot of the PvP experience. You can use the 1.16.4 Client to...
  6. Murdox_Mobius

    How to appeal your ban...

    Your Ingame Name: Who Banned you (if Known): Why you where banned: Why you should be unbanned:
  7. Murdox_Mobius

    How to appeal your well deserved ban...

    User Name: Who Banned you (if you know): Why you were banned: Why we should unban you?"
  8. Murdox_Mobius

    Factions Falsely Banned For Rasicm

    My reaction when a player says they have "ingame tourettes". You dont have "ingame tourettes", you are just an asshole.
  9. Murdox_Mobius

    Resolved Ban appeal [1 Week Temp Ban-Dox]

    Based on your behavior and handling of this, your ban has been reduced from perm ban to a 1 week temp ban. Please understand that staff will be keeping an eye on you, and any evidence of hacked clients moving forward will result in a perm ban with no appeal. Thanks for being mature about...
  10. Murdox_Mobius

    Resolved Ban appeal [1 Week Temp Ban-Dox]

    Well got to be honest, I really appreciate you being mature about this. Let me talk my staff team and get their input. Typically, things like X-Ray are an instant perm ban, but I will talk to them get their input and make a choice based off of that.
  11. Murdox_Mobius


    You had better. Login and I will free you
  12. Murdox_Mobius


    Umm technically you are not banned....You can still join the server as you wish.
  13. Murdox_Mobius

    Factions Old screenshots

    So I didnt see it before, but you have a screen shot of Sam as Mod, that lasted for like a week. That is rare
  14. Murdox_Mobius

    Factions Old screenshots

    Dude you are burning the Arizona Flag as well....
  15. Murdox_Mobius

    Factions Ill throw this guy in here!

    Execute Order 66 @Sniper9621
  16. Murdox_Mobius

    Resolved Ban Appeal [Approved by Murdox]

    Fine, however for the time being perm mute stands.
  17. Murdox_Mobius

    Resolved Ban Appeal

    Oh you think it should have been a perm mute instead of a perm ban? Oh well why didn't you say so sir? Its a ban because this is not the first time we have had this talk, you started roasting a female player about how you remember her nudes leaking, and you gave shit to Spell_Blade in discord...