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  1. Sniper9621

    Factions MCL Factions rework

    Hello everyone!!! It's been quite a little since I posted an update about factions but it's finally here. So without me ranting about all the issues I encountered while realising what I had in mind I'll just throw you everything that will happen on the new map. The rework: First and foremost...
  2. Sniper9621

    Factions Banned for finding bait chests

    Hello Blees, Thank you for reaching out with your appeal. Considering I was not around when you were banned I can not give you and answer on if you will be unbanned or not, yet. However, I'll talk to the staff member that banned you and we will get back to you with our verdict later. Please...
  3. Sniper9621

    Factions Faction expectations

    Hey lazie, I had quite the list together after talking to a couple people on factions. It's already kinda outdated since s4 and Dox did a lot of work which is highly appreciated. However I'll attach it below...
  4. Sniper9621

    Factions Ill throw this guy in here!

    That is nightmare material 😧