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1.8 Factions Economy and Trading

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Here is a quick Reference guide to how the Economy and Trading works on Factions...

Getting Money:
- The main way to get money is to mine or salvage gold and sell it to the baker NPC at spawn. This can be done by clicking on the NPC, and selecting what form of gold you are selling.
- Alternatively you can sell items or services to other players.
- You can use the trading system to trade items for money, or other items (See below for usage)

Spending Money:
- You can buy select items from the server shop by clicking on the Trader NPC at spawn. The items and prices in this shop are subject to change, based on the server market.
- You can buy items from other players by way of the trade system.

Due to the very nature of the server, a plugin is installed to prevent stealing while trading. While it is highly recommended that you use it, you by no means have to. However if you do not use it, and a player steals, scams or otherwise rips you off, that is your problem and staff will not help.
- To start a trade type /trade <Playername?
- Place the item you want to trade into the screen, or use the golden nugget to enter the amount of Money.
- Once you are ready, click the Terracata under the nugget
- Both Players must click this for the trade to go through.

/Trade <Player Name> - Sends an invite to trade
/Eco Pay <Player> <Amount> - Pay another Player
/Bal - See how much money you have
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