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1.8 Factions Factions Commands/Settings

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Here is the overview for the Factions Plugin. Please refer to this before you start messaging me.

Factions Overview
- You claim chunks (16x16 bedrock to sky) based on power
- Your claims are more or less safe from greifing assuming your power is greater than or equal to the amount of chuncks you claimed.
- If you have more chunks than power, players can claim over your chunks until the above statement is true.
- You lose power on death
- You regen power as you play

If you have 4 power you can claim 4 chunks safely. If you have 4 power and you claim 5 chunks a player can raid you and claim the difference in power/chunks (in this case it would be 4/5 and they could claim 1)

Factions Settings
- You start with enough power to claim 4 chunks
- Max Power per Player = 20
- Min Power per Player = -60
- Power loss per death = 4
- Power Regen = 2 per hour
- You can not leave your faction with negative power.
- Max players in a Faction = 10
- Max power for the faction (regardless of the amount of Players) = 100
- Factions names must be between 3-16 characters long & are subject to chat rules
- You can only have one base Unless you claim over another player
- You must make a /f home if you have more than 4 chucks claimed or you have more than 2 people in your faction
- You can not TP to your /F home
- You can not attack factionless players who are in your land and they can not attack you (this is to help noobs)
- You can not TP from an Enemy's base. If you are trapped /suicide

/f access (Player, Faction, or List) - Manage Access to your faction (Assuming you have the correct Faction Rank)
/f ally (faction) - Allys a faction
/f create (Name) - Creates a faction by that name
/f claim one - claims the chunk you are in
/f claim auto - claims chunks as you walk around
/f demote (Player) - Demotes that Player in Rank (Officer, Member, Recruit)
/f description (Text) - Changes the Faction Description
/f disband - Disbands your Faction (Any money in the factions treasury will go to the leader)
/f enemy (faction) - Enemys a faction
/f faction (faction Name) - Shows info on the selected faction such as power and claims. If you leave the faction name blank it will show your faction.
/f invite (player name) - Invites Player to your faction (BE WARNED, Invites do not expire)
/f join (faction name) - Join the selected faction (faction must be open or you must have been invited)
/f kick (player name) - Kick a player from your faction (That player can not have negative power, and you must have the proper rank)
/f leader (player name) - Sets the leader of the faction
/f leave - Leave your faction
/f list - Lists all of the factions on the server
/f map - Displays a map in Chat that shows what chunks you have claimed
/f money balance (faction) - Show the factions treasury's balance
/f money deposit (amount) - Deposits an amount into the factions treasury
/f money withdraw (amount) - Withdraws an amount from the factions treasury
/f money ff (amount) (faction) (faction) - transfers funds from one faction to another
/f money fp (amount) (faction) (player) - transfers funds from your faction to a player
/f money pf (amount) (player) (faction) - transfers funds from a player to your faction
/f motd (Message) - Sets a Message of the day for your faction
/f neutral (faction) - Makes a faction neutral
/f officer (player) - Makes the player an officer in your faction
/f open - toggles whether or not your faction requires invites
/f perm set (Perm) (relation) (yes/no) - Sets the permissions for your factions (see below)
/f player (player)- see information on a specific player
/f promote (player) - Promotes player
/f seechuck - Outlines the chunk you are standing in
/f sethome - sets your respawn point (required if you have over 4 chucks claimed or you have more than 2 people)
/f name (name) - Change your factions name
/f unsethome - change your home
/f unclaim 1 - Unclaims the chunk you are standing in

Factions Permissions
Access - Granted by Leader or Officer
Build -
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