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Hello folks!!

I know it's been a while since I made the update post about the current state of factions. We're finally there!
Factions is going live tomorrow at 7 PM GMT + 1 / 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST.

I'll just jump straight into the details:


I changed a couple things here and there. Ultimatly this is how factions will work:
  • Each player will have a maximum of 20 power.
  • Each player can reach a maximum of -30 power.
  • Factions power will cap at 60.
  • Each player will lose 5 power per death.
  • It will take 10 minutes for each player to regen 1 power.
  • Player power will start regenerating 15 minutes after that last death.
  • Factions will now only be able to have 2 allies.
  • Enemies, neutrals and truces are not capped anymore.


I looked over the mcMMO config and buffed / nerfed a couple skills:
  • Archery will now be an actual viable skill
    • Arrow bonus damage is increased to 200% at 1000 archery but capped at 10 hearts.
    • Daze chance at 1000 archery is now 50% instead of 25%.
    • Daze will now also has a times 3 damage multiplier.

  • Axes are now a more viable option for teamfights again:
    • The damage is not as OP as it used to be but will definitly be more viable than before.
    • Critical strike chance and damage have been increased slightly. Chance 25% / Crit damage multiplier 1.5

  • Swords have been buffed on one side and nerfed on the other:
    • Bleed damage has been removed completely
    • Bleed length is increased from 2 - > 4 ticks
      • Bleed will no longer be an instant killer and more of an annoying side effect
    • Counter attack chance has been increased from 25% -> 30 %
    • Counter attack multiplier is now 1.5 instead of 1.0
    • Serrated strikes now also has a damage multiplier of 1.5 instead of 1.

I also touched a couple skills that weren't that loved / used or that i felt lacked usability.

  • Taming has seen a huge buff.
    • Wolfs do more overall damage and have a higher chance of healing themselves in battle
  • Unarmed has seen a minor nerf.
    • Overall damage is decreased.
    • IronGrip and disarm chance have been increased.
      • This means that unarmed should be overall strong lategame.
  • Salvage has seen a minore nerf as well.
    • Arcane salvage has been nerfed so the chance of keeping enchants on books is now only 32.5%.


Koths will run in the following order:

  • Tier 1 KOTHs (Iron) will run every 6 hours. Starting at 00:00 GMT + 1
  • Tier 2 KOTHs (Gold) will run once a day at 10 PM GMT + 1 / 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST
  • Tier 3 KOTHs (Diamond)will run once every Saturday at 10 PM GMT + 1 / 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST
    • There will not be a tier 2 KOTH on saturdays. Tier 1 KOTHs will still run!

KOTHs will always reward you with a KOTH crate and a random normal lootcrate. The higher the KOTH tier the higher the lootcrate rewards.
Tier 3 KOTH crates for example will include armor enchanted with protection 5 and unbreaking 4 or books with custom enchants added to them.

Lootcrates are my way of giving out rewards to players for events. They do not only include armor or weapons.
Current items in the lootcrates are: armor, weapons, elytras, building materials, spawners, lootcrates, mob spawn eggs, golden apples,
enchanted golden apples, gold and diamonds. They also include the items needed for both a beacon and a conduit. However the drop chance of the items depend on their rarity. The higher the tier crate the higher the chance for you to get something more valuable.

Lootcrate tiers:
Common, Rare, Epic
and Legendary

Custom Enchants:
Custom enchants are enchants that can not be obtained through an enchantment table. The only way to get these is by winning events or buying from the admin shop npcs in spawn.

Spawners will be mineable with silk touch. mcMMO experience is nerfed. Breaking a spawner with a silk touch pick will charge players 250.000$. This means players need to make sure that they place their spawners correctly!!!!! Spawners will also not be changeable with spawneggs anymore. You can exchange your spawner in spawn. There is an Spawner shop that will buy your spawner for 250.000$ and will sell you your desired one for 300.000$.

Enderpearls are an important part of PvP. They will be enabled and have a 10 second cooldown.

Chorus fruit:
Chorus fruit is a valid option of raiding and will be enable. However they will have a 1 minute cooldown and will only be obtainable through the “DRAGON FIGHT” event. You will not be able to pick them up in when breaking a chorus flower in the end. The dragon will also not drop a huge amount so you have to make sure to make it worth your effort!

Leaderboards are featured in the spawn cave. They currently track these:
  • Richest player
  • Most kills (reset weekly)
  • Most deaths (reset weekly)
  • Most deaths (overall)
  • Most damage (reset weekly)
  • Highest mcMMO level (overall)
  • Dragon kills (overall)
  • Hours played (overall)
  • Hours alive (overall)

Other event types:
My staff and I are currently also planning to bring back OG events like the brawlers guild. We also now have the option to create events that will allow players to fight NPCs and do dungeon raids. I didn't take a deep dive into it yet but we're definitly looking at our options.

I'll finish my post with the currenty world list:

Main map. Size is 2000x2000

Permanent Nether map. Size is 2000x2000

As many or all of you know, this world is for mining only. It will reset every 2 weeks.

Nether Resource:
As the resource world, this netherworld will reset every 2 weeks

As the resource and nether world, this will reset every 2 weeks.

Dragon End:
This map will feature an arena for you to fight the dragon in the "Dragon Fight" event.

Now for the most important part:


See you guys tomorrow!