Factions Falsely Banned For Rasicm


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I never said anything racist at all, I admit i was xraying but literally for a second. I would never say anything racist on this or any server. If my ban can get reduced i would be Happy because i was falsely banned for Racism.


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Hello Sk8erdie9,

thank you for your appeal. As always "you're innocent until proven guilty". However I'm here to prove exactly that.
On the other hand I'll let you explain your actions which has a chance, however low, to get you back on the server.

So you never said anything racist at all? That is rather interesting. Do you maybe wanna reconsider that call?

Because stuff like this
is neither something I need nor want on factions.

What's even worse is that you're trying to "play it cool" after that:

As said, I'll let you explain your points but as far as it concerns me this ban stands.

I also found parts of a conversation where whoever was logged in with this MC account said that it's their brothers account and that they are trying to get it banned. Which is another reason why I currently think it's the right call to have this ban stay in place. Get your credentials sorted out and give me a proper explanation and we can talk.

I'm not even gonna bother asking about the x-ray texturepack....



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My reaction when a player says they have "ingame tourettes".

You dont have "ingame tourettes", you are just an asshole.