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Hello everyone!!!

It's been quite a little since I posted an update about factions but it's finally here. So without me ranting about all the issues I encountered while realising what I had in mind I'll just throw you everything that will happen on the new map.

The rework:

First and foremost what most people had an issue with was the lack of "stuff to do" and the constant changes that were made.
We will introduce more options to play, more stuff to do and of course there is going to be a reward for everything. My hope is that people will feel like they achieve something by playing instead of just leveling mcMMO and being done with the server.

There are also not going to be major changes happening while the map is running. Major issues will get fixed however.
Small changes might also happen, depending on their severity. Major changes will be evaluted and implemented on the next map.

That being said, map time will be drastically lowered. We're not going to have maps that last a year. Maps are going to change every 3 - 4 months depending on a variety of factors. I think that is more reasonable than 6 - 12 months. It still gives you the option to build a nice base but is less of SMP and more of HCF which is my general idea for this server.

That also means the following:

There will NOT be a mcMMO reset.
There will be a map reset.

The roadmap:

SOTW (Start of the world)
IRON KOTH (Will happen a couple times a day)
GOLD KOTH (Will happen once or twice a day)
DRAGON FIGHT (Will happen a couple times a day)
DIAMOND KOTH (Will happen once a week)
Loot crate drops (Will happen a couple times a day)
EOTW (End of the world event)

-- Event details below --

Regarding the new map and worlds:

We will have a variety of maps with different purposes:

Main map. The usual ;) Size is 2000x2000

Nether 1.16:
This nether world will be permanent like the overworld. You can claim land and have a outpost there. Size is 2000x2000

As many or all of you know, this world is for mining only. It will reset every 2 weeks.

Nether 1.16:
As the resource world, this netherworld will reset every 2 weeks

As the resource and nether world, this will reset every 2 weeks. Picking up the any chorus items will be disabled. (reason below)

Dragon End:
This map will feature an arena for you to fight the dragon in the "Dragon Fight" event.

This is a custom built world for everyone to grind mcMMO in. Spawners in the overworld will still give you mcMMO xp. However mcMMO XP will be buffed by 1.25x the normal amount in the mcMMO world. It's small and cramped. So make sure you watch your back or bring a couple people to grind. We will also be removing the purchasable mcMMO booster.

A list of features (what we offer):


mcMMO is a feature that allows you to train a variety of different skills and unlock new abilities. These skills give you an advantage in both grinding ressources and PvPing. https://mcmmo.org/wiki/Main_Page

Custom Enchants:
Custom enchants are enchants that can not be obtained through an enchantment table. The only way to get these is by winning events or buying them with tokens in admin shop. CE include enchants for all types of equipment (Armor, pickaxe, bow, axe, sword). Tokens for custom enchants can be obtained via lootcrates or any kind of event.

Spawners will be mineable with silk touch. mcMMO experience will be nerfed to stop people sitting in their base 24/7. Breaking a spawner with a silk touch pick will charge players 250.000$. This means players need to make sure that they place their spawners correctly!!!!!

mcMMO grinding:
A new world will be introduced that has all kinds of spawners in different areas. You will not be able to build in the mcMMO world and it will be big enough for multiple factions to grind. mcMMO EXP gained in this world will also be multiplied by 1.25x.

Enderpearls are an important part of PvP. They will be enabled and have a 10 second cooldown.

Chorus fruit:
Chorus fruit is a valid option of raiding and will be enable. However they will have a 1 minute cooldown and will only be obtainable through the “DRAGON FIGHT” event. You will not be able to pick them up in when breaking a chorus flower in the end.


“KOTH” Event:
The “King of the hill”
events are events where you have to capture a zone and hold it for a certain amount of time. You’ll be rewarded if you hold the zone until the time runs out. People will try to punch you out of the zone or kill you to capture the zone themselves. mcMMO will be enabled in all KOTH arenas. There will be three different tiers of KOTHs. You’ll receive items based on the tier.

Will be the first KOTH to run on the server. It will reward factions with valuable starting resources. This KOTH is not supposed to be contested by bigger factions as it does not reward players that have already passed the initial base build and resource gathering.

Will include advanced resources depending on where the KOTH is held. Nether KOTH will include more brewing materials. Overworld KOTH will include stuff like gold / diamond / golden apples.

This is the highest tier of KOTHs. It’ll be held in the Nether and the Overworld and will include rewards that have custom enchants added to them. This will also include items that are otherwise unobtainable (placeable Spawners, Enchanted Golden Apples, Protection 5 armor)

“Dragon Fight” Event:
This event will make you fight the dragon to receive special rewards. This event is also the only way to obtain the Chorus fruit. You will only receive a small amount of this fruit and the xp from the dragon so be sure to make it worth your effort.

There will be a chance to get Lootcrates out of every event. The rarity will vary depending on the event.


Loot crates will randomly spawn in the overworld and contain a vast variety of times. There will be 4 different tiers of loot crates.
Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Lootcrates will NOT be a paid feature!!! I cannot stress this enough!

EOTW Event:
The “End of the world” event will be the last event hosted on the server and will mark the end of the map. The event will start on the last day of the servers map. There will be a restart before the event which will disable factions and spawn protection. The goal is the capture the KOTH arena in spawn. The KOTH will end when there is either no contestants left or a faction caps the zone. You will NOT respawn if you die. Players will be set to spectator mode when they die and can watch others fight it out.

I will post a list with detailed rewards for all the event soon. Lootcrate rewards are going to be a secret for now ;)

There will be leaderboards tracking player / faction progress. Examples for leaderboards:
  • Richest Player
  • Most Kills (reset weekly)
  • Best KDA (reset weekly)
  • Highest Killstreak (reset weekly)

Now for the big questions:

When is the new map going to start?
Well, I'm currently off work so I'm working my ass of for the server. There are lots of things that still need addressing but my goal is to push it to be released by next week. I'll make an announcement and make the exact date public on friday.

As per usual I'm open for feedback. Do you like the changes? Don't like the changes? What would you guys like to see implemented / changed?

See you guys around!
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