Update MCL September Update


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Global Admin
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Hello Minecrafters!

We appreciate everyone's patience the past couple months. Advertising costs have skyrocketed and the team had some feelings of discouragement after failing to land a spot two months in a row. However, we were able to attack it once more and we were able to lock in a September advertising spot!

Here are some of the updates:
  • Advertising! We are locked in and should prepare to see new players joining starting 9/1!
  • Factions Re-Launch! Jens has worked his butt off re-thinking the Factions server and getting it rebuilt. More details below.
  • Mini Games Re-Launch! Niko has also spent countless hours re-imagining the Mini Games server and making it a much better, fun server!
  • Prison Beta. Holy moly, it feels like Prison has been in development forever. Schrado and I intend to open it up this weekend for testing!
Factions Re-Launch Highlights
  • The major difference that Jens has delivered is going from a survival based Factions server to a event-oriented Factions experience
  • KOTH-mania! There are tiered KOTH's that run periodically with different types of rewards
  • Lootcrates
  • Custom Enchants
  • Spawners tweaks
  • Chorus Fruit
  • Leaderboards
and more! Please view Jens post here for more details: Here!

Mini Games Re-Launch Highlights
Niko has re-built this server from the ground up! Here are some of the new features available to all players!
  • AjParkour (Automated generated parkour)
  • Challenge parkours (challenge mode) beware may be taking quite some time ;)
  • Buildbattle (Battle with your friends to see who builds best!)
  • Murder Mystery (find the killer, stick together with innocents)
  • Village Defense (Save the village from being overrun with mobs)
  • Hunger Games (Hunger Games is BACK!!! settle your differences)
  • KitPvP (Pick a kit, Pick a arena, FIGHT!)
  • Racing (We offer races between friends)
  • Puzzles (wanna enjoy a game for yourself, we got you covered)
  • Mazes (wanna enjoy a game for yourself, we got you covered)
  • SpleefX (Fun game mode to enjoy with friends)
  • OldCombatMechanics (No more cooldowns for weapons!)

We're thrilled to see you folks in game!