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Game Admin
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Allrighty i am so happy to annouce MINIGAMES is now open!
Version: 1.16.1
Join thru the /hub and click my NPC avatar

We currently offer
-Kit Pvp
(2 different arena's atm)
-HungerGames (16 players, 1 arena for now, more in devlopment)
-Village Defense (10 players, 1 arena, Co'op)
-Parkour (3 auto created arena's, 4 difficulties)
-Buildbattle (Currently only singleplayer mode, But more to come)
-Murdermystery (catch the killer before he kills all the innocents)
-Spleef (2 different arena's for now)
-Races of different variety (pig, horse, boat)
-Mazes (3 Varrieties 3 difficulties)
-Puzzle Maps (2 difficulties, Mainly singleplayer)

-Gain tokens to spend on other servers
-Easy navigation
-To prevent spam and players bad behaviur, i have decided to add
accept the rules, before you can chat and play anything.
-Chat with players thru Discord: #mini-games-chat
-Ban appeals goes here: http://minecraftlabs.com/index.php?forums/appeals/
-Builders heaven, Mg is also the place where we build custom spawns and other arena's, across mclabs servers. I am currently in a need of builders. Applications goes here: http://minecraftlabs.com/index.php?threads/builder-applications.19/

The future
Considering new game modes
-Hide & seek
-Personal area where you can shine
-Dont add more game modes, but add more arena's instead
- Event area/world, planning for giveaways and events
-You can Vote on Discord minigames-info
yeh well thats all i have to share for now.
Make sure YOU get heard!, in this chat #mini-games-feedback