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The new "META" of factions


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Im going to be blunt about this if the changes are getting implemented as they are presented at this moment i dont see a reson to keep playing on this server because there are other server that do the same and are more alive.

I joinend only recently but i have enjoyed my stay at the server and would hate to see it go down because of the changes presented thats why im going to argue some of the points made and give my own opinion, ofcorse is it my opinion and my experiance this does mean that on some points you might not agree I will try to react to any messages if i have the time for it.

The Version

Im not a big fan of having to revert back to an older version of minecraft this is also the reson i joined this server so i could play on a newer version of minecraft and play whit the newer blocks on an faction server. There have been alot of changes in minecraft since 1.8 sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst, pvp is sadly one of those but i do not like that server let them selfs be dictated by players because they cant click at 20 cps but actualy have to aim and click regularly. I dont like pvp maily because I used to play on servers where that was the only thing there was, this server has so mutch more to offer instead of only meat heads running around and swinging swords around. Ofcorse is that still the main goal of factions raiding getting raided and pvp but i think there sould also be a technical side to the story, economics and basebuilding for instance.

But back to the point I like the newer version because that is fresh not many servers have it and that makes this server unique and there are a lot of things that make it unique but sadly it looks like its turning into another 1.8 faction server.

The point of the downgrade is basicaly that there are alot of points that got easyer or less tedious. Well some points are true but not pvp that got hard. Enchantments are tedious to get but not if you have a lot of villagers also the new auto crafter is one of the things I like because i hated moving around all the resources in my inventory.

I wouldnt like to see the server downgrade but i would understad if it happens.

The new META

Ofcorse the first thing on the list is the removal of the Live map, this was done so pvp would have more of a chance but actualy its kind of backwards thinking. They want to encorage more pvp but by removing the ability to see where players bases are at and the knowlege of knowing where the players are at. I think they will hinder people more in there quest for pvp.
  • I would recomend keeping the Dynmap
  • Easyer to find people (if feature not disabeld)
  • Easyer to find bases
  • Easyer to navigate the world and find resources
  • It might be posible to go around player (unless you go invis)
  • Its Easyer to find bases

The stargates changes im on board whit because getting around in the world was getting to easy and less risky because your not traveling as mutch.

The different worlds are also a good idea but for the overworld they do need to have a lot of different resources to appeal to all players not just a world whit only forest. Its good to hear that the worlds will be reset every week I do hope you guys automate that process as it can get kinda tedious.

And now the big thing the TNT i want to be clear I DO NOT LIKE the main reson is that it doesnt change anything only for the smaller factions that are only getting started they dont have the defences a good base does have this is natural and for the case youd like to make for the chests just put some water over it and its save it takes more space but it will not change anything in the long run only make the base bigger and uglier because you need to have the chests accesable but also you dont want it to be blown up. Im not a 100% sure how this will play but as i see it now it is only a tool to basicaly bully the weak players on the server that are just getting there stuff set up. Also will the meta change and make it more akin to an normal faction server instead of CC factions.
  • I would recomend not implementing the TNT
  • It makes it easyer to raid bases (if sufficient defences are not implemented)
  • protected chests are able to be blown open
  • You dont need a lot of knowlege
  • Making TNT costs alot of resources
  • The meta will change to mutch
  • It makes it easyer to bully the weak also because they dont have the same defences and such
  • Items not needed by the raider will despawn, there by making a scavage of an old base basicaly pointless

The new PVP Tagger plugin is an improvment but im worried that it might create some unfortunate side effects if implemented incorrectly. The thing that I read and had my worries about is the point that you get locked out of chest inventorys this is because you might get attacked inside your base. ofc most people are not prepared for that and might have some resources in the chests to aid them in a fight. Also during a raid you might get tagged but you are raiding the base but you dont have the power differance yet to overclaim them. But there is a chest unprotected no block ontop of it labeld GOD ARMOR and there you are combat tagged unable to open it now picture an enemy playre running up whit a block in hand to block it off and there you stand crying.

Also the Barrier to keep people from escaping into an save space its an good idea but i would like to warn people before it happens that if its an tp barrier this might make pvping around those spaces problematic. My idea would be to raise those portals and spawns so you cant walk back in. This also to prevent that you might think that you can go there but then BAM wall. Ofc you still need to get in so maby an specific route or command or that if your not in pvp you get teleported up into it

  • I would recomend changes to the PVP tagger
  • You dont instantly die if your internet disconnects (because an npc is spawned in your place)
  • A barrier is created around pvp protection areas
  • Your pray cant teleport away whit a stargate
  • You cant open chests
  • You cant see an pvp protected area in the heat of the moment

The faction power changes are welcome i dint know that was a problem glad you guys fixed it.


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My personal changes.
Ofcorse there are some points that i would like to see changed and would want to add to this.


I do like MCMMO it compensates for my lack of pvp abilitys but this is also a point to discuss. As i did state i dont have to have a good amount of skill i just have to have these magical numbers higher than my oponent. The first time i actualy pvped on the server as it is now i was loaded fully geared toped off on potions and ready for a fight. The fight was over in no less than 5 second afhter my oponent activated Serrated Strike and killed my buddy same gear same stuff, then slaped my ass whit his sword and i died. The reson this happend was because me and my buddy where nowhere near that players lvl, even tho whe had the drop on him did have the best gear we could muster did have potions and such we where no match for the MCMMO.

I would like to see that the pvp aspect of MCMMO does get downgrade to make it more fair for players that dont have 24 hours of the day to grind swords, this would also make pvp more fair and make it so that you actualy want to pvp that guy over there whit his god gear and not first check if that person has a higher MCMMO lvl than you.

Ofcorse you need to be rewarded for the time you put in to your stats but if those stats are basicaly the differance between getting 2 shot and actualy fighting your oponent then i think things are out of balance.

Lift signs

I like the lift signs nothing to complain only one thing i think that enemy players sould be able to use lift signs in teritory because at the moment it is basicaly an imprenitral entrance, I did always try to make my signs protected but afther a bit I just kind of gave up because there wasnt an reson to protect those signs anyways.


If the version does not get downgraded i would like to see the elytra get removed because it did make it easy to get form location to location i could basicaly fly from one side of the map to the other whitin 10 min. Also removing /spawn migth make buying an personal start gate actualy worth it.

I do not that mobs stack this is manly because if you have an spawner and want to get armor and such to salvage then you need to keep killing the mobs before they stack otherwise you only have the chance of getting one item because when they stack they lose the armor they wear. It also makes breeding animals dificult because if you have two animals that are redy to breed they stack because they are the same and then no baby is created. Also the stacking of items is annoying not because it stacks items but becaus it gives it a nametag this nametag is visible trough blocks. this made it so i got an heart attacke everytime an stack of chickens layed eggs outside the base because i tought it was a player. There is already an stacking feature in the vanilla game ofc its not perfect but if there are a lot of items it will stack them.

I do know that this is implemented so you can prevent the creation of lagg but in my eyes it only hinders players instead of realy impacting the server preformance. Ofcorse there are resons to use it especialy when people have spawners but then just make it so it will only target mobs spawned from spawners.

Also i dont like the pickup sound of items that are stacked.

This is something that i would actualy like to see added not realy currency but more that you phisiclay need to have the money on you to make purchaces not that you have an imagenary number just ticking up and having it save but more that you realy need to store that money somewhere and transport it around whit you if you want to buy something.

I do hope you guys would like to start an dialogue whit me about the changes being made but also what the comunity wants, as its stated now most players are from CC and went here because they wanted to play on a server that had the same mecanics and not an normal server.


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I agree. The implementation of tnt is meant to create a level playing field for newer players. However a thing I noticed on this server is that not only I, but most other experienced players will actually go out of their way to show new ones how to play and how to protect themselves. To protect chests, it will require more space and take away from being able to create a base that isn't just a lump of obsidian and water. Personally, I think the removal of livemap will lead to a decrease in pvp. I agree with the other points that Gortepap has made. But the removal of the livemap and addition of tnt will take away from a genuine cc experience.


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The over all idea is to move factions away from SMP and closer to vanilla/anarchy. If you play for base building and economics I might recommend our SMP server.

Frankly 1.16 is incredibly easy. As an example within a day most players on that Factions server had Netherrite armor. Additionally the PVP mechanics in 1.9+ are crap. Not just the fact you have to recharge your attack, but the attack and damage does not mesh well with McMMO. Now all of this is fine on a map that resets monthly (as most HCF servers due) but on a persistent map (Such as the main overworld), it means that after a week you lose interest in playing, especially on a server that is still developing its player base. This coupled with the fact that you are constrained on how large you can build, means that while we will get new players, we will struggle to retain them.

As for Dynmap, if I am being honest @s4ndal and I are still on the fence. On one hand we get it encourages PvP because you can see where people are, however it always ends up people staying in their base, or being invis. Long Term, the only people that get hunted from Dynmap are players that are noobs. Most established players wont leave their base unless they are invis because of the risk. When people are invis, it just kills PvP.

There are no TNT cannons, the plugin we are using for management makes a player throw it or place it, and it ignites automatically making it impossible to make TNT cannons. This is for 2 reason, the first is to prevent TNT duping, the second is to ensure that if you are TNTing someone's base you are there not 6 chucks away. Furthermore it causes fire damage so there is some risk to the person using it. Ultimately anything we use will be used to target Noobs, this is the nature of PvP servers, and every Factions server I have ran in the past 10 years. Frankly pouring a bucket of water over your cobblestone shack is at lot easier to grasp than the complexities of say horse glitching into a base. As for the chests, that I am flexible on. However players always make their walls double thick so adding a third wall and water is not that much.

As for the Chest thing in PVP, that was a quality of life thing, I am open to changing. Their are 5 World Guard Regions in the map. When you are tagged the walls become glass. You can see a Stargate or Spawn.

McMMO on 1.16 is super OP. The 1.8 not so much. However with that said, it is the grind that is the point of it.

The lift signs are removed in this version at this point. I still need to look and see if they can get added.

We tried an item based eco when we first rebuilt the server, and frankly it did absolutely nothing, while making other eco using plugins break. It is difficult to carry around stacks on stacks of gold (from a technical stand point). When this is implemented players will not use it because they dont want to take the risk. Beyond that this server will have a mall and shop area for players, as well as a trading plugin so that you can buy and sell in relative safety.

Most players will help noobs however that is not all. Kingofhearts for example makes a habit of hunting them until they range quit.

I am all for removing TNT and adding live map, and keeping it on 1.16. But if we do that, then their will be monthly overworld Resets. Otherwise after a month, you have everything, you have enough that if you die in PvP it is no big deal. No risk, no reward, and no one wants to keep playing.